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Perspective is nearly everything when it comes to accelerating your performance, or someone else’s.  Human motivation is more art than science.  No matter what I believe or expect about the natural laws, for example, my opinion has no impact. Gravity does what gravity does, no matter what I think.

Human motivation is different. What you believe about yourself, or others, has an impact on your behavior or someone else’s behavior. The self-fulfilling prophecy does not apply to natural laws, but does apply to us lowly humans.  This is both good and bad.

Leadership vs Supervision As reprinted from

Leadership vs. Supervision  As reprinted from

LIVONIA, Mich., June 13, 2013 — Making leaders, not rulers

Every manager maintains a balance of supervisory and leadership skills. This balance is impacted by the personality of the manager and the situation in which they are operating. These skill sets complement each other in a healthy work environment, but are in conflict in an unhealthy one.

Leadership and supervision are concepts best defined by the source of their authority to act, or their power source. A supervisor gets his or her authority, or power, from the position power provided by the organization. This is a top-down flow of power. Supervisors manage from a command-and-control paradigm that is rooted in the ongoing inspection of performance.

The 5 Deadly Sins of Management

The Know It All

The “Know It All” supervisor routinely challenges and overturns subordinate’s decisions. This approach to management will de-motivate others in the group, making them not want to make decisions or to make them behind the supervisor’s back. Supervisors that work this way will willingly take over decision making and, as a result, sub-optimize the work group.
I have had a supervisor that would always decide opposite my own decisions. It got so ridiculous that I began to present my own opinions opposite of what I really wanted in order to get him to decide the way I wanted him to. This creates a toxic work environment.