Science verses Religion

I love this topic. Stick a quarter in me and I can go on for hours.
Science and faith do not have to be at odds. Science and faith are both absolute and come from absolute sources. God can do what He wants, how He wants, when He wants. That is how I reconcile things science to things faith.
Science, though, will always be in conflict with religion, because religion is not absolute. It comes from man and is really a means for a few to control the many (just like politics).  Just look at wars and crimes against humanity in todays world that have religion as their source…Not God.
Religious folks make me nervous with their effort to separate people based upon their belief systems. For example, believing God created the universe and looking to science to understand it is not only okay, but healthy. In fact, I believe that God created the natural laws to provide a foundation for the rest of his creation, and He loves us for trying to understand these natural laws.  Unfortunately, religious folks, both theists and scientists, who vilify others with a different world view, control the dialog.  This is dangerous.
Consider the dark ages. The Catholic Church squelched all scientific endeavors. Some of science’s great minds were put to death for saying the world was round and earth was not the center of the universe.  This lasted 700-800 years from the collapse of the Roman Empire. It took humanity another 500 years after that to catch up to where we were in scientific understanding at the time of Christ. In other words we lost nearly 1300 years of scientific and cultural advancement. All due to religion, not faith.
The scary part is not the debate between science and religion. The scary thing is how many people reject someone saying “let’s look at the facts”, but accepts someone saying “forget the facts, believe what I tell you”. This is the basis of the conflict between science and religion. It is also the basis of conflict between cultural advancement and cultural stagnation. The argument has nothing to do with faith. Faith is a personal thing, not a corporate thing.


Why does God bless someone? What keeps the blessings coming?

Do you recall the parable of the talents (Matthew 25)? God works the same way. God blesses us so that we will pass the blessing on, not so that we may be enriched. Whatever God has given you, if you don’t use it for his work and Glory, he will take it away to give to someone else that will. He is not interested in “filling your warehouses” (Luke 12).

The point is this. It is not about us, but God. Not about what we want, but what God wants. It’s not about our desires, but God’s will.

Your Will Be Done

How hard is it to pray, “Your will be done”?  Especially when you are in times of trouble. And yet this is exactly what is required. Not that you should not ask for specific relief from God, but that you accept his will and his timing is better for you than your own.
I don’t pretend to understand all the nuances of this dilemma. As I see it, it is a matter of faith. As my dad used to say, “There are a lot of Christians to be found when trouble arrives, but not so much at other times.” What we miss is the fact that whatever faith we can muster is enough for God to reach us.
Consider Peter as he walked out on the water to Jesus. When his faith was strong he had no problem waking on the water, but when his faith faltered, he began to sink. Jesus did not abandon him as his faith faltered. Instead He reached out to Peter to save him.  Peter’s weakness of faith resulted in Jesus rescuing him.
Looking closer you can see that if you have faith, even in its weakest moment, God is faithful to be there for you.