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ECM Troubleshooting

AN ECM is simply a computer that operates in a network in your vehicle. ECM’s only function correctly when they are integrated into your vehicle’s network security and operating system. As a result there are many problems associated with ECM repair and replacement that can only be seen or diagnosed with the ECM installed in your vehicle’s network and using an OEM specific scan tool.

ASTech from AES Technologies

Electronic repairs, program fixes and/or updates, calibrations, resets, configurations etc. are already done to our PC’s, Cell Phones, Game systems and many other electronic and computer driven systems almost exclusively by internet connection either wired or wireless.

The challenges facing this type service in the automotive repair world are the wide ranges of vehicles and vehicle systems differences by manufacturer and even models. It is extremely challenging for a repair shop to be equipped with specific diagnostic equipment, knowledge, and access to all the information to make an electronic repair to a vehicle in shop.  Also, at this time, each car manufacturer requires a different type of interface “scan tool” with access to the manufacturer’s service information and calibration files for the shop to properly diagnose and repair electronic faults or identify mechanical/electrical “hard faults” properly.