Innovation and Creativity in Motion

Many of the activities and strategies we use to innovate and manage are actually road blocks to creativity and innovation. Certainly, the enforcement of a time line and being cost conscience, are important, but only in respect to their appropriate place in the life cycle of a product or service.  When applied to the creative and innovative phases in this life cycle, they are disruptive and cause sub-optimization.

Innovation is a creative process that requires open-mindedness and a safe environment.  Creativity and innovation are processes that rely upon failure and the ability to learn from failure. You cannot create or innovate where failure is unacceptable or penalized.

Managing Innovative Businesses

Engineers want to build things and scientists want to understand things.  It takes both to successfully innovate. The ability to dream a concept and build it into reality requires both a drive to understand the science and challenges, and the desire to build this understanding into reality.

Managing this kind of effort is not easy.  Both creativity and curiosity are desired and rewarded, even when they may seem in conflict with established business paradigms. Sometimes you find that you are managing a very focused effort, single minded in its desire to achieve a goal. Other times you are managing chaos. Both are essential to innovation in some balanced dance of interplay.