Entrepreneur Life

Entrepreneur Life by Walter McIntyre

For the most part, all of us have a robust fear of failure. We are good at counting the cost of trying and failing. We are also pretty much aware of what we don’t want to lose. The result is that we miss opportunities due to not taking the risk of possible failure.

What we are not good at, is evaluating the risk of not trying. We decide to play it safe. Understand, though, you are guaranteed to fail if you don’t try. By playing it safe all the time, you limit your opportunity for success.

Lean Marketing & Product Development

Lean Marketing and Product Development by Walter McIntyre

Lean principles apply to any process based operation. I cannot think of any process that does not have non-value added components in it that create the opportunity for waste production.  In fact, by definition, a non-value added component in a process is waste.

Walter McIntyre’s Incomplete Success Thoughts

Walter McIntyre Incomplete Success Thoughts

Can you remember when you graduated from high school or college? The feeling that you could change the world and that you could be and do anything you choose? Can you also remember the day you realized that maybe you were not going to change the world and that you were limited to what you could be?

I can. I can also remember feeling disappointed in myself when my dreams for success did not immediately come true. Fortunately, I had a wise adviser in my life that helped me put things into perspective.

Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts by Walter McIntyre

Some thoughts from my day.

The universe is big and I’m not the center of it.

Who knows more about this than I do about me?

Find out who’s on my team and link arms with them.  Form a personal advisory group.

Does life happen to you or do you happen to life?

Surround yourself with the best in class.  You can’t soar with the eagles if you are hanging with the turkeys.

What question do you not want someone to ask you?  Answer it and own it.

Managing an Innovation Team

Managing an Innovation Team by Walter McIntyre

Innovation is as much about failure as it is success.  Innovation thrives in a culture that is open to challenging the status quo and allowing employees to make mistakes as new ideas are generated. Organizations that do not tolerate failure simply cannot innovate in a way that we would call successful.

Managing an organization that has an innovative culture can be stressful, as there is bound to be friction as new ideas rub up against established ways of doing things and other employee’s ideas. This friction is good if managed right.  This means creating a safe environment for commenting on ideas, introducing ideas and “sharpening the sword” against each other.

Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem by Walter McIntyre

Pythagoras may have come up with the Pythagorean theorem, or maybe one of his students. It is impossible to know for sure, so I’ll give him credit. We understand the theorem as the sum of the squares of the sides adjacent to the right angle in a right triangle, equal the square of the side opposite the right angle (hypotenuse). a2 + b2 = c2. See below.

Pythagorean Theorem

If you are reading this blog post, you probably already know this. But…can you see the other relationship.  The area of the squares associated with the sides adjacent to the right angle, when added together, equal the area of the square associated with the side opposite the right angle.

The Magic of Numbers

The Magic of Numbers by Walter McIntyre

Contrary to how you may have learned math, the story of numbers is one of magic. Numbers fill our lives in ways we never think of. From IP addresses to the television channel you watch, numbers allow us to differentiate between categories and events.

To see the real magic behind our numbers, try this experiment. Solve this equation (4+15)/(29*16). Now solve this equation without converting it to our modern numbering system, (IV+XIV)/(XXIX*XVI). The Roman numerals were for documentation and it was not possible to perform operations with them. The Romans used Arabic numbers, similar to what we use today for commerce, where operations were needed. Aren’t you glad you were taught math in our modern numbering system rather that Roman numerals? Imagine how much harder long division would have been.

Central Tendency

Mean Median and Mode in Central Tendency by Walter McIntyre

Before discussing measures of central tendency, a word of caution is necessary. Customers do not feel averages. They feel their specific experience. As a result, while central tendency is an important descriptive statistic, it is often misused. For example, a customer is told that the average delivery time is noon, but his actual delivery time turns out to be 3:00 PM. The customer, in this case, does not experience the average and may feel that he has been lied to.

Pursue Your Dreams

My mentor told me that I should pursue my dreams.  Find the people who are the best in class in the talents I need, and learn from them by adding value to their dreams. By making a positive exchange in value with people, everyone is a winner.  Sounds like something Zig Zigler would have said.

He also told me to avoid those who would gold brick off of my talents and success. People who would create a negative exchange of value with me. There is no upside to this scenario.  Helping people is great.  Being a doormat is not.

Project Management

A current project I am working on involves 4 companies. The principle, a web services company, an electronic hardware and firmware company, and a contract manufacturer. I am using a traditional Gantt tool, along with Excel, to manage the overall project. We rely on each of the other companies to have their own internal project management tools. The contract manufacturer uses a traditional Gantt tool to manage their multiple projects both corporately and individually. The hardware/firmware company also uses a traditional Gantt tool. The web services company is using their own in house project tracking strategy. None of the companies involved use Agile tools.