Being Fearless

Being Fearless by Walter McIntyre

The lens we view the world through can lead us to incorrect and destructive decisions. Perspective is everything when we face difficult problems. It is the difference between being fearful or being fearless. This is true in our personal lives and in our professional lives.

If you are going to tackle the most difficult problems and opportunities at work, or face down Iife’s most trying events, you must move quickly from asking why the problem exists to what you are going to do about it. Not that the “why” is not important, just that it is only the beginning, not the end of successful resolution. Asking why is only a lens to see that the problem exists. Asking what we are going to do about it is a different lens that leads to action.

Making this change in lens, or perspective, allows you to be fearless in the face of tough problems. I am not the wisest or smartest person in the world, but I am fearless in the face of difficulties. It allows me to surround myself with people smarter than me, without feeling threatened. It allows me to give credit where it is due and to call out poor performance when needed. It doesn’t make you safe. It may do just the opposite.

You can’t always control what comes your way in life, or its seeming unfairness. What you can control is your response to these challenges. It is simple, when you don’t fear failure, you can dare to succeed.