About Walt McIntyre

LMPI Business Development and Improvement Services

LMPI Business Development and Improvement Services

I am a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Certified Master Trainer with 5 years of C-Level management experience. I am able to help you with:

Six Sigma support
Project management
Sales training…

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Walter McIntyre, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

I have been involved in process improvement for more than 20 years.  My experience gives me a unique perspective on how to import process improvement into an organization’s culture in a way that will stick. This book and associated materials are designed to help the individual improve their margin at the office, cubicle, and departmental level. As we all know, these are the locations where the rubber meets the road.

No matter what process improvement or quality improvement program you are working in, we can help you rise above the crowd :

Six Sigma, Lean Six sigma, Lean Enterprise, Design for Six Sigma, Total Quality Improvement, Continuous improvement, Etc.

Good luck and have fun.

Walt McIntyre

Twitter: waltmcintyre

Email: walt.m@att.net


Ÿ  Over 30 years experience in managing processes in manufacturing and transactional environments

Ÿ  Working knowledge of SQL data bases, phone switches, network administration

Ÿ  Over 20 years of managing P&L at department and business levels

Ÿ  Experience in designing lean business systems around existing business models

Ÿ  Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

Ÿ  Master Trainer Certification


Ÿ  Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois: 1975-1979. Graduated with a BA degree in Chemistry.

Ÿ  Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio: 1981. Took a course in geology to aid in coal mine inspection work.

Ÿ  University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: 1992-1995. Graduated with a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management. 3.95 GPA.

 Specialized Training and Certifications

Ÿ  Instrumentation & Control/Lab Apprenticeship Program, Columbus & Southern Electric, Conesville Generating Station

Ÿ  Whitmire Leadership Training: American Electric Power manager training.

Ÿ  Tom Matone Managers Training: Management training at SJRPP.

Ÿ  Magraw-Hill Supervisors Training: Management training at SJRPP.

Ÿ  MARC Training: Dealing with Bargaining Units. Management training at SJRPP.

Ÿ  Preventative Maintenance Training by the American Management Association, Borden M. Coulter: Training on the various methods of maintaining equipment to achieve the best reliability and cost effectiveness.

Ÿ  Dr. Phau Public Speaking Course: Training on successful public speaking.

Ÿ  Certification in High School Coaching in the state of Florida

Ÿ  Project Management Training: Motorola University

Ÿ  Designing for Manufacturability: Motorola University (6 Sigma Component)

Ÿ  6 Sigma Champion Training: Six Sigma Qualtec (6 Sigma )

Ÿ  Basic Tools & Techniques Training: Six Sigma Qualtec (6 Sigma)

Ÿ  Process Mapping & Control Charts Training: Six Sigma Qualtec (6 Sigma)

Ÿ  Lean Enterprise: Six Sigma Qualtec

Ÿ  Green Belt Training: Six Sigma Qualtec (6 Sigma)

Ÿ  Black Belt Training: Six Sigma Qualtec (6 Sigma)

Ÿ  Master Trainer Certification: The Home Depot

Ÿ  Master Black Belt Certification: The Home Depot

 Work History

 Nationwide Parts Distributors/Automotive Electronic Solutions:  2003-Present

Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Technology Officer. Nationwide Parts Distributors is an automotive parts supplier and consists of a call center and the associated technology. Automotive Electronic Solutions is a new business that remanufactures automotive control modules and is developing a control module/scan tool communication interface device that my team and I invented.


  • Designed two paperless business platforms for these businesses, whose yearly sales are $15,000,000.
  • Managed the coding projects for business systems mentioned above.
  • Manage 50 sales, technical and office personnel
  • Managing an R&D project involving an engineering firm in Texas, a server development firm in Florida, and an application team in Florida.
  • Design and management of work flow and infrastructure for automotive control module remanufacturing process


Lean Six Sigma Associates:  Helped develop Black Belt training modules on hypothesis testing for Service Master.

 Home Depot Six Sigma Institute: 2002-2003

Master Trainer:  Responsible for development, review, and teaching of training programs for Six Sigma Champions, Black Belts, Green Belts, Orange Belts, Six Sigma Orientation, and Six Sigma Awareness.  This work was connected with the initial roll out of Home Depot’s Six Sigma initiative, coaching 5 Black Belts in the completion of their projects, and training more than 500 Green and Orange Belts.

St Johns River Power Park:1985-2002. Two unit, electrical generating station.

Managed Environmental Operations for 15 years, Corporate Strategy Team and Six Sigma Black Belt for 3 years. Over my tenure I managed groups of technical, operations, and maintenance personnel ranging in size from 25 to 350 individuals.

Ÿ  Worked through the construction and start up of two electric generating units.

Ÿ  Project manager for the Condensate Polishers from the design phase through the construction, start-up and performance tests.

Ÿ  Led multiple teams including the investigation and correction of plant system problems, the development of fuel specification (supply chain coordination), new technology teams, and communication teams.

Ÿ  Managed the development and implementation of a state certified Test Lab Apprenticeship Program

Ÿ  Patriots Team at SJRPP. The Patriots were a team of employees who were leading the transformation of SJRPP into a more competitive environment.  We implemented training programs (Blanchard Leadership Model), a leadership profile to be used in the selection of new supervisors and promotions, and a leader evaluation system (360 degree) to aid in the transformation.

Ÿ  Six Sigma Lead Team Member. This team worked to find a consultant to help implement 6-Sigma within the JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority).  This included consultant selection, Readiness Assessment, training material development, policy deployment, Black Belt/Green Belt candidate selection, and project selection.  Mentored 4 Green Belts and 1 Black Belt.

Ÿ  Alternate Corporate Strategy Team member.

Ÿ  Value chain analysis (coal supply through fly ash sales),  facilitated specifications for fuel cost analysis and fly ash value as affected by fuel composition, establishing flow across functional divisions of the plant, applying Lean principles in shop areas, coaching 5-S, and evaluation and redesign of plant communications processes.

  6-Sigma Projects Completed

Ÿ  Petcoke Utilization at SJRPP: This project discovered the root causes for not fully utilizing petcoke (a cheaper fuel) and implemented corrective actions.  The first year fuel cost savings was $2,100,000, as calculated by Fuels Management.

Ÿ  Igniter Oil Consumption at SJRPP: This project outlined the causes for excessive light oil consumption and implemented corrective action. The first year savings was $750,000, as calculated by Fuels Management. This team moved on to address reliability issues.

Ÿ  Reduction of Variation in Petcoke Concentration of SJRPP’s Fuel: This project uncovered the root causes of variation in the percent petcoke concentration in the fuel fed to SJRPP’s units and implemented corrective action. The standard deviation of petcoke concentration was dropped from 2.8 to 1.3 (confidence interval from 0.71% to 0.37%).  This drop in variation allows SJRPP to increase their petcoke feed by 0.5 %.  The first year fuel cost savings was $350,000 per year.

Ÿ  Boiler Tube Failure Reduction: This project’s objective was to reduce the number of boiler tube leaks at SJRPP. The project focus was on the history of tube leaks and corrective actions at SJRPP.   From this information a plan was formulated to head off future leaks.   Leaks were reduced from an average of 5 per year to just 1 in 2002.  The estimated savings was $800,000 in that year.

Ÿ  Late Bill Payment Reduction:  This project was focused on reducing the number of late bill payments by customers.  Moving the payment due date from the 21st of the month to the 1st of the month reduced the late payment population by 25%.

Ÿ  Reduction of Moisture in By-Product Gypsum:  This project was focused on the reduction in moisture, and consequent increase in selling price, of our by-product gypsum.  The resulting increase in the selling price of the by-product gypsum netted $150,000 more per year in profit.

Ÿ  Time Sheet Error Reduction:  This project was focused on the reduction of time sheet errors by employees.  A narrowing of the project focus shifted the project to exempt employees only.  The project was eventually given to the internal IT group for the development of an intranet time entry process.

Ÿ  Bulk Materials Process Mapping: This project involved the mapping of all Bulk Materials processes. The project included all operations and maintenance.  Though this was not a Black Belt project, several safety and cost reduction issues were addressed.  This was a multi-team effort where I acted as a facilitator.

Ÿ  I was in a consulting and mentoring role in numerous Six Sigma projects while working with The Home Depot. I will discuss upon request.

Ÿ  My role with Nationwide Parts Distributors and Automotive Electronic Solutions has been in moving the culture toward a Lean Six Sigma perspective. Though there have not been specific Six Sigma projects, I have brought the Lean Six Sigma paradigm into all business functions. I will discuss these upon request.

 Papers Presented

Ÿ  Multiple Articles for iSixSigma.com

Ÿ  Administrator of leanmeanprocessimprovement.com

Ÿ  APRA Global Connection: “New Technology in Automotive Control Module Programming”, October 2011.

Ÿ  Management Information Systems: University of North Florida. Done yearly from 1992 through 1998.

Ÿ  FDGS Users Conference: Jacksonville, Florida. Presented a paper on SJRPP’s Flue Gas Desulfurization System.

Ÿ  ORTEC International Conference on By-Product Gypsum: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Presented a paper on SJRPP’s efforts at producing and selling by-product gypsum.

 Books Published

“Lean and Mean Process Improvement”, published September 2009 by Book Surge

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  1. Hi Walt. You probably don’t remember me but I am a GC grad from 1977. I remember you as being friends with Martha (Muff) Rodgers. Martha and I got married in 1978 and are doing great. I am one of the Chemistry faculty at GC and really enjoy it. I am not sure how I came across your webpage but I did. If you are ever in the Greenville area please stop by. I am sure Martha would love to see you and being a chemistry major you may want to see how things have changed here in the department.


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